Is there a way to a view a Survey Response same as the user would just in “View Only” mode?



I would like users that access the Survey Gizmo Admin to be able to view the Response of a specific Survey in the same way the user has experienced it, meaning, the view would look as the Admin is browsing through the survey, seeing the answers that were given by the original user without the ability to change any answer.

I know the “sguid” for each response, so it would be great if I can leverage that value for accessing a given response. 




Ami answered
    IS 2.20K Rep.

    You can see the survey as the end user experienced it, but so far as I know, only in edit mode. This means your Admins would be able to change the data. If that helps you can do it this way:

    On the results tab choose individual responses.

    Select the response to view

    click on the Details tab

    Click on the link for Edit Response


    IS answered
      Ami 13 Rep.

      Thanks, I guess I’ll use that until SG will release an option for “ViewOnly” mode.

      Ami answered
        Lola Gill 6.97K Rep.

        @IS ‘ advice is what I would have suggested – there is not a way to access the survey in the same way as the original respondent while not being able to edit that survey.

        Lola Gill answered


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