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Hello dear all, 

I can’t find by myself the solution. A would like to build a survey with possibility of verify that the email of a respondent has not be used in previously registered completes responses (to make sure that a person could not respond 2 times with the same Email for the same survey and redirect the person to the page “you have already completed this survey”). 

If it possible in SurveyGizmo ? How ?

Thank You very much vor your help,

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juliaboubnova answered

    Hoooo You are wonderful ! The solution N 2 is exactly what I need !!!

    Thank You so much !!!


    Lola Gill commented
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      My suggestion would be to look into SurveyGizmo’s Email Campaign functionality:

      The email campaign allows you to upload a list of email addresses and a unique survey link is generated for each email address.

      Once that link is used, another response cannot be submitted with the same link.

      If you do not have a list of emails ahead of time, you might consider looking into the sguid url variable which allows you to create unique survey links:

      Hope this gives you some options!

      Lola Gill answered


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