[Solved] VB.NET API for survey results


We are interested in gathering our survey results on a nightly basis with a VB.NET application sending an HTTP GET I presume. Is OAuth 2.0 still the way to go?  Has anyone done anything similar and can you provide guidance on getting started.  Thanks in advance.

ithotline asked

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    You are correct that an HTTP Get request would be the normal way to communicate with the API. SG does have an OAuth 1.0 server you can authenticate with, but it’s up to you if the extra complication is worth any additional security benefits that may come from it. The simplest way to authenticate is by appending your credentials to the request URL, like this example from the documentation:



    I do not use VB.NET, so I can’t give any specific advice for making these requests, but HTTP requests are the backbone of the Internet so I’m certain you’ll find an abundance of resources with a Google search.

    Alexander Raymond answered


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