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Hello, I have a question about the survey that I am building. People taking the survey have the option to manually enter contact information (e.g. emailaddress, name, etc.) or in case of multiple contacts they can drag and drop an excel file into the Essay/Long answer text box, which automatically assigns specific columns to specific contact data types.

The contact info which is entered in this survey is later on added as prefilled answers in another survey. And that’s where my question comes in.

I’d like to create a validation on import, so for example, if an emailaddress is spelled incorrectly in the excel file, that the data won’t be uploaded. Now normally these kind of things can be done by pieces of code like Preg_Match. However, is it possible to create that kind of validation in the survey as well, or should I look into other solutions as a macro in excel which does that validation?

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    I am not clear on your step-by-step workflow, but it seems that at some point you will have a data file derived form Survey A that you are planning to upload into Survey B.  It would seem to be more efficient if you validate the email addresses before you start the import process.  We often use MS Excel for this purpose (https://www.extendoffice.com/documents/excel/4303-excel-data-validation-email-address.html#a1).

    You can also use response validation in SurveyGizmo to make sure that the manually entered email addresses are properly formatted (https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/textbox-answer-formats).

    These validation processes ensure that email addresses are formatted correctly.  I am not sure how you would go about setting up a process for ensuring that the email addresses are ‘spelled correctly’. 

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