Validating sub-question?


Validating questions is easy but how do you validate a sub-question? For example, under one question, I have a sub-question requiring a user to enter an email address followed by another sub-question requiring the user the re-enter the email address. How do I validate these two sub-questions? Please respond ASAP – thanks!


Esther asked

    Question – it is not clear from your post – are you trying to validate the formatting of the entries, or  do you want to compare the two entries to make sure that they are the same?

    The validation process would be the same for both the question and sub-question.  If you want to compare the values you would have to build a custom script.  If this is the case you might want to resubmit a question to the Community to see if anyone has developed a script for this purpose and would be willing to share it with you.

    Jim W (Moderator) answered


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