[Solved] Using the API to resend campaign to new contacts


We are in the midst of automating our survey process.  We want to have a specific campaign for people that purchase certain products. We have figured out how to create global email lists and also how to add people o specific campaign lists.  What we haven’t figured out yet is how to prompt the system to resend the campaign whenever we add names to the list. I assume that we would use the SurveyCampaign Sub-object, but don’t see a method to cause it to resend. Suggestions would be appreciated.

ithotline asked
    • David, we have a similar goal. You mentioned that you have been able to add people to specific campaign lists. I can’t figure that one out? Can you point me in the right direction? Our plan right now is to 1) copy a survey 2) add a campaign to it 3) add contacts to the campaign list and then 4) send the email. In your experience is that the correct approach?

    • Hey I got this figured out today. You use the Contact Sub Object calls

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    When using the SG API, you don’t send a campaign, but a specific message rather:



    Alexander Raymond answered

      Perfect. Thank you Alexander.

      ithotline answered


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