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We’re trying to set up a survey to collect information from scholarship applicants. We used this system last year and had some issues with the “save and continue” feature. Some applicants didn’t take advantage of save and continue and we ended up with a lot of partial responses or multiple responses from the same applicant.

Is there a way to warn users before they close the survey that they will lose their progress and ask them to save? If they close the survey anyway, is it possible to discard those responses so they don’t clutter up our reports? Is there another, better feature we should be using (we have a professional account) to make the process easier? 

Carrie Toleric asked

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    You have to resign yourself to a certain amount of user misadventure.  There are several axioms about the constant battle between interface design and users that you can look up for yourself.  The best that you can do is try and reduce the number of potential problems.

    You could go into TOOLS > TEXT & TRANSLATION > ENGLISH > SAVE AND CONTINUE and change the generic messages to something more meaningful for your application.

    You could also use custom CSS settings to make the Save and Continue functions more visible to the users.

    It is not possible to delete partial responses.  However, it is possible to filter them out so that they do not appear on your reports.

    I would also suggest a brief round of user testing before you make your online form available to the public.  Draft 4 or 5 test subjects, ask them to complete the form and narrate their thoughts as they proceed.  Give the a $10 Starbucks card when they are done.  After looking at the form for so long you already have built-in assumptions.  Get some fresh eyes and clear minds to take your form for a test drive and see what you can learn.

    Jim Wetherill answered


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