[Solved] Using self-reported ID numbers to populate later questions


I have a spreadsheet that contains data from a large group of employees (respondents) many fields including ID number, name and store number.  I would like to ask each respondent to report their ID on the first page, then confirm whether the name and store number we have in our database is correct. 


In the past, we have done this using an email campaign in which these fields were all uploaded and inserted into the questions using merge codes.  For several reasons we are not using the email campaign for this survey and instead are asking respondents to self-report their ID number to determine who is taking the survey.


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Chester Hanvey211241 asked

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    Hey Chester,


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    A couple of options come to mind for your use case.


    1. Would be a login password action
    2. Would be using an email campaign just for the unique links


    I hope this is helpful to you!





    Ryan - SurveyGizmo answered


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