[Solved] Using Merge Code to Set Email Respondents


Hi SurveyGizmo! Love the tool, quick question about sending a survey to formula-based recipients with merge codes. 


My survey has a question [id=1] where the customer indicates who their sales rep was with a drop-down menu. The reporting values for this option is the sales rep’s email address, but the survey taker only sees the name. My goal is to add logic to the ‘Recipient Email Address’ so that it pulls in the Reporting Value for this question and sends a copy of the survey to the Sales Rep. 


Right now it looks like: 


Recipient Email = [question(“value”), id=”1″] 


Does that sound correct, or will I need to use an “Option” merge code to grab the value? 


Thanks for your help!

Dave Turchin asked

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    If I am following your question correctly, you want to send a copy of the survey results to the sales rep. That is quite easy just go to the Thank You page and Insert an Action, select the Send Email type. In the Send To dialog box just enter the merge code like you have specified above. Make sure you select to send a PDF copy of the survey results under the Advanced tab.

    This will trigger an email with a copy of the survey results to the email address for the person in Q1.

    We use this in many NPS/Customer Sat surveys and it works great.

    Jon E (Moderator) answered


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