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I am trying to build in logic to my survey and it will not allow me to choose the option to say “if in Q 2 the answer is exactly…” 

It will only allow me to select certain options in the drop down menu. 


taylor asked

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    Hey Taylor – I wanted to elaborate on Justin’s answer. I actually asked this recently and here’s what the Support Hero said:

    “So, with the is one of the following answers vs is exactly equal to. Is exactly equal to is not available on radio button questions anymore because we had several customers who would have a radio button and then they’d do something like is exactly equal to a and c. Since a radio button is a single select there is no possible way that it could be exactly equal to a and c at the same time. We changed it to is one of the following answers to prevent confusion. With the checkbox is exactly equals A and C means the user must click A and C (not or) in order for the logic to pass. Does that make sense?”

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      Taylor –

      That’s  correct. We only allow for operators that make sense in the environment you’re looking to set up. For the most part…

      “is exactly equal to” = “is one of the following”

      I would explore that option. 🙂

      Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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