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I am building a form where, on the first page, the respondent indicates a (positive and integer) number. For example: “How many people live at your residence?”

The form then repeats the second page “N” times, asking the same text question. Something like: “What is the name of the [page(“piped value”)] th resident?”

I managed to get the repeating logic working fine. As shown above, piping “N” in each instance of the second page also works ok. 

Now I want to send an email with something like this:

“New survey answer. Number of residents: XX. Name of first resident: YY

Displaying the number of residents is easy (something like [question(“value”), id=”8″]), but how do I display the name of the first resident?? i.e., I want the answer for “What is the name of the [page(“piped value”)] th resident?” typed on the first iteration of the second page. What is the merge code for this?

Thanks in advance.



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    I *think* it might look like this: 

    [question(“value”), pagepipe=”1″, id=”8″]

    I based on this page piped merge codes here:


    Hopefully that works!


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      This worked perfectly!!



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