Using 2 layers of logic; all questions from survey not appearing



I have built a survey and have added logic to each question.  Based on the type of respondent, they will only receive certain questions in the survey.

I wanted to add another layer of logic.  If they select “opportunity for improvement”, I wanted to add a open text box to force the respondent to give more detail.

When I go to add a condition for the second layer of logic, it does not show me all of my questions in my survey or the response options.  I watched the video but my list does not contain the options for the responses to my questions or all of my questions.  It only shows the 1st question in the survey.

rutharathbun asked

    Depending on what type of question you’re working off of, and what kind of logic you’re trying to add, you might not be able to add it to a same page question. Try adding the text box question to a subsequent page and then adding the logic. Does that help?

    DataNerd1507 answered


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