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My agency frequently uses Survey Gizmo’s reporting features to track a lot of data we can’t otherwise get. This question is for one of those products I am trying to create for a director.

My director wants a group of her staff  to enter information about foster beds available each week so that information is available to another group easily. Currently, the survey is set up with unique links so the user can just update the info each week and not enter all new information.

As I understand the settings, the user can update their info– but the data doesn’t save as the survey isn’t marked as “complete”.  Is there a better way to do this?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    I’m curious what you mean by unique links? Are respondents using links that they receive via an email campaign? Or are they using ‘edit links’?

    I’m also curious as to what you mean by the data not saving – perhaps you can clarify your process a bit further to give a better understanding of the workflow?

    This should help folks in the Community to provide some suggestions 🙂

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      According to your screenshot, it looks like you are using an ‘edit link’:

      An edit link is a link back to the respondent’s original response where they can edit, update, and essentially overwrite their data (the behavior that you described is the expected behavior with an edit link).

      It sounds like you are wanting folks to submit new responses rather than overwrite their previous ones in which case the edit link may not be the best option for you.

      You might consider having just the default link at the end of the survey (which will allow a new responses to be crated each time – no data would be overwritten):

      I hope this helps clarify a bit

      Dominic Sharpe answered

        At the end of the survey, the user gets a unique link to return them to their survey

        The data saves, but doesn’t keep a running history. For example, I enter my data/info on Monday. Then on Friday I return to the unique link to update my information. The information that was entered on Monday is now replaced by Friday’s entry and there is no record of what was reported on Monday.

        Hope that makes more sense 🙂


        LauraB answered


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