[Solved] User Can’t See Checkboxes and Radio Buttons on Copied Survey


I copied a survey that already had the “Use Default Browser Icons for Radio Buttons and Checkboxes” checked. But one of our survey respondents still could not see the radio buttons or check boxes. I tried deselecting the option and saving, then re-checking and saving and still the same problem.

I created a short survey from scratch and checked the option and they were able to see the radio button and check boxes.

I don’t know if this is an issue because my original survey was copied? Any suggestions?



Lori Schulze66305 asked

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    Hi Lori,


    Thanks so much for reaching out via Community!


    I feel this issue should be resolved via support ticket, so I opened up a ticket for us! You should get an email from me within the next ten minutes!


    I look forward to your response so that we can get this sorted out!


    Thank you very much,


    Ryan Voigt
    Survey Switters
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    Ryan - SurveyGizmo answered


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