[Solved] Use SurveyGizmo to build my own panel


I noticed there is a form option in the survey question type. 


Is there an easy way to use SurveyGizmo to collect e-mail addresses that I can use to funnel over for regular research studies? 



Christopher Ribeiro296530 asked

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    Hi Christopher,

    You could use the contact form to collect panelists.  I’ve done something similar before.  I just had a simple survey asking for some info, and then I embedded the form on my website as well as put the survey link in various places.


    Then anyone who put in their information would later receive the survey I wanted to send out. If you know your demographics, you could create logic to only collect responses that meet your demographics.




    Charles McGroben answered

      Thanks Charles, sorry for the very late reply

      Christopher Ribeiro296530 answered


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