URL Variables for Facebook Ads


Hey SG Community! 

I’m looking for some help to fully automate my lead gen efforts. I currently use SG to collect info from potential prospects in a bunch of industries (legal, solar, insurance, etc). 

I’ve been creating a new survey for each client and running a brand new ad for each. I’ve realized this is INCREDIBLY ineffective. 

I would like to create one ad directing to the same survey url. Within the one main survey, I would like to then redistribute the traffic to other surveys, depending on the initial link they came through. 


I know I can use a skip/disqualify feature and then URL Variables, but I’m not sure how to use it. 


This is my though process for it: 


3 ads all directing to the same survey, each with a different URL parameter that I created in FB to differentiate them, as all 3 will be redirected to other surveys later on. 


Once the initial survey has loaded, they answer one question: “are you interested in x” 


If yes, they get redirected to another survey based on their URL parameter. 

If no, they get disqualified. 


I guess I need someone to validate if by adding URL parameters, this is possible.  


I’m assuming I would use URL Variables to create this? Please help. 




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