How can I make URL variables appear in an export? Check box is not working.


In the individual details view when I click on a response and then click the details tab, I can see the two URL variable listed. They are a response ID and survey ID. When I export to csv or excel though, even when I select ‘include URL variables’ they are not included.

How do I include them? I need to provide these IDs to my recruiter to pay the valid respondents.

Dominic Sharpe answered

    Checking the box to ‘include URL variables’ should do the trick (in terms of including URL variables as columns in your export).

    If this is not working for you, it’s difficult to say what the cause may be – you may need to reach out to SurveyGizmo’s support for troubleshooting (

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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