How can I use a URL variable in a link in a survey text?


I’m evaluating your service, and am unable to use URL variables the way I had expected.

I want to pass a ticket ID into your system via an URL variable, and have this ID shown as a link back into our support system. However, when using the below as the link target:[url(“ticket”)]

I get a URL-encoded string:

which obviously isn’t what I want.

Editing the question/text in raw source mode does not help; it looks perfect until I save at which point your system is modifying the source, breaking it.

Please let me know if this is at all possible, and how. It is a critical part of our survey engine selection process right now.

The raw source I’m attempting to use is listed below (but I’m sure this form will wreck it by the time you can read it..)


Eirik Øverby

Modirum MDpay


Based on your experience with your recent inquiry <a href=”[url(‘ticket’)]”>[url(“ticket”)]</a>, please take a minute to answer the questions below.

alerts answered

    Figured it out, thanks – but the editor keeps breaking my HTML unless I disable the HTML editor in my preferences.



    Lola Gill commented
      • You might also make sure that you have ‘Clean My HTML’ disabled under your question’s Layout tab.


      In my experience, SurveyGizmo is quite flexible with regard to URL variables – I’m curious how respondents would be accessing the survey in your example.

      It looks like you are merging the ticket number into the survey link via a sort of merge code on your end – is that right? Or is the link itself a part of the survey and respondents are clicking on the link from within the survey?

      In any case, SurveyGizmo has several help articles that should be helpful here:

      Also, if the link is being clicked on in the survey, this article should be helpful:

      Hope this is helpful!

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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