How do I use a URL variable to filter a report?


Hi, I have a survey which collects data from several hundred demonstrators working in stores across the country, all inputting on tablets following contact with potential customers. I have a report for this survey, which I’d like to able to segment by store and/or demonstrator, as no individual needs a full national report. As you can imagine, I’ve got too many stores and too many demonstrators to build and maintain individual reports for them to access.

What I’d like to be able to do is maintain a single report, but have it filtered on request, using a URL variable. For example;

That link is a dummy, so it won’t work anyway, but hopefully the section in bold illustrates what I’m attempting to do. I can’t see any documentation to suggest that this is possible though.


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    There is no way to accomplish what you want from within SurveyGizmo.

    You could use the REST api to retrieve the data (this supports filtering) and then create your own reports from the filtered data, but that is going to take a fair bit of programming.

    It gets especially complicated as the number of responses in your filtered group increases because the REST api (like most I have seen) limits the number and size of requests:

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