Use a URL variable to determine the first question in a survey


I want to ask my respondents a single question by giving them a HTML button to click on, and I want the survey to include about 10 different single questions:

  • If respondents are presented with button 1, they are only presented with question 1 of the 10 questions. 
  • If respondents are presented with button 2, they are only presented with question 2 of the 10 questions.

I am using a URL variable “Q” for the question number. When a respondent clicks on a button, it passes the value of Q.

I want to set up a skip action at the very start of the survey which says:

If URL variable Q=1, skip to question 1.

If URL variable Q=2, skip to question 2. etc

My problem is that is seems I can only place a skip action after a question – not before a question. Is that correct? If so, how do I achieve a series of skip actions at the start of a survey?

martin answered

    I think I’ve figured it out:

    1. Create an initial question in the survey which the respondent does not see (by making it automatically submit the page).
    2. Insert the skip/disqualify actions (If URL variable Q=1, skip to question 1 etc) after the initial question.

    Previously, my initial question was set up as an “Admin-only” page. The skip/disqualify actions seem to be inactive if the page is Admin-only.

    martin answered


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