URL Redirect isn’t redirecting.


I have set up a URL Redirect after the “Thank you” but it isn’t redirecting. What might I be doing wrong?

mandhmyersmeco answered

    When you land on the Thank You page, does anything happen (does it try to redirect but doesn’t go to the website? is there an error message? or does the survey just remain on the Thank You page?

    Are you testing this in a live link (via the Share tab)? The URL redirect will not work via Preview.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      And that worked!

      Thanks very much.

      mandhmyersmeco answered

        I was testing it using “Test” not the live link via “Share”. I’ve been getting just the “Thank you” page.

        Thanks for your advice – let try again using Share.

        mandhmyersmeco answered


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