[Solved] Uploading contacts for new email list is not working


Uploading either a .csv or .xls file with contacts is not working.  Receive the attached screen.



Susan Budni asked

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    Hi Susan! I’m sorry to hear this is not working for you. It also seems that your screenshot did not get uploaded successfully – would you mind trying to upload that again, so we may help answer your question? Also, I’ve included a bit of general information below on finding out why your uploads are not working.

    Viewing the Import Log

    The best source of information about why an Email Campaign contact upload may be failing is the Import Log, which you can find on the Contact page in your Email Campaign:

    Click this link and you will see an information panel open with a list of recent upload attempts, along with any errors that occurred. You may see something mentioned about column headers, or invalid email addresses. If the error message does not make sense to you, perhaps update your question with the error you received and I can try to clarify it for you.

    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered

      I’m having similar troubles. First I tried to upload the spreadsheet directly after the Campaign Designer (as seen in the screenshot above) and this was unsuccessful. It didn’t even show up in the import log, so it isn’t even uploading the spreadsheet in the first place.

      I then tried to upload the spreadsheet as an email list, and this did not work either. It just freezes up after I click ‘Create List’ (screenshot shown below). 

      Help would be appreciated here!


      Gabby answered


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