Unqiue Passcode Termination only after completion of survey


I have a requirement that uses validation using one time usage passcode. Issue that I am facing is, the passcode deactivates after entering the survey. So let say user enters the survey using one Passcode and because of some reason closes the window or doesn’t complete the survey, when he comes back to the survey he gets error message invalid passcode. Instead I want a feature when the Passcode is terminated only after survey completion. So if user closes the window without completing the survey he should be allowed to use the same passcode. Any thoughts?

edinanoorbnicoid answered

    I have the same problems, the login/password action was rather unreliable because it was so sensitive and require the users to log in all the time, this was quite troublesome because the only way they could login again was for me to delete their unique ID and upload their ID again. The way i deal with it were by setting up a gateway survey in which respondents set up their own sguid (which is the surveygizmo unique url variables, read it more here : https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/sguid-the-url-variable ), but first you need to create a gateway survey to create the users sguid, read it more in this link https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/pre-post-test-survey. I hope this helps, or maybe someone else have a better solution

    edinanoorbnicoid answered


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