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How do I obtain a unique survey link for a participant who has not yet completed the survey?  A participant cannot access the survey and so I would like to email them their unique survey link. 

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    Hi there!

    Sounds like you want to view links created in an email campaign, since those are the links are the only ones that are created before the survey is sent out. You can download an export of your campaign log. This doc is pretty helpful with finding your around an email campaign. Check it here: Contacts

    Good luck! I hope this is what you were looking for!


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      Thank you.  The problem is that the links I am looking for is for participants who did not yet respond to the survey.  Other survey applications allowed me to access each individual participants unique link regardless of whether they had begun the survey or not.  Any idea how to access that? 

      ERate322754 answered

        If you go to the response and click Details, you should see a field called Edit Link with an Edit Response link. Copy that & send it to the participant and they should be able to get back in and finish.

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