[Solved] Unique Survey Access Links not via email


In our company, we have a number of staff who work externally and don’t have an individual company email address. They have access to a shared computer.


Is there a way that they can be given a unique link or code so that when they complete the survey on a general computer – we can ensure that they are only completing it once and won’t have the ability to share that link with others once they have completed their response?

Roxann asked

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    This is possible – in order to make a link unique, you would need to utilize the ‘sguid’ url variable – there is expanded information regarding this here:


    In essence, you can take a survey link and add ?sguid=anyuniquevalue to the end of the link to make it unique – and can then provide the link to the staff without the company address.

    For example:


    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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