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I would like to build a survey with a unique ID already provided to the respondents.  When the respondent clicks on the link and they enter their unique ID, I want the respondent’s name to show up and to ask the respondent if the name was correct. Would this be possible? Would it be possible to have some sort of validation that my respondents are the correct person? 

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    Hi Dele,

    Yes, this is possible. If you are able to create a dynamic URL, you can always add a query and variable to the end of it. As an example, let’s say your “Share” link is:


    You can add “?DynamicField=Id” to the end of it. Then, in your survey, use the URL variable merge code, [url(“DynamicField”)]. So, let’s say you use Salesforce and you want to invite a Contact to a survey. You can create a workflow in Salesforce which send out the following URL:


    On the first page of your survey, you can have SurveyGizmo grab that Contact ID using the merge code, [url(“ContactId”)]. From there, you can set up a Salesforce “populate” action that queries Salesforce using that Contact Id and populates your survey with their Salesforce data. In your case, their name, company, title, etc.




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      Dear Survey Gizmo,


      we are looking for a survey platform to collect patient outcome data. We are a small university outpatient therapy clinic, and we like to switch from paper-pencil self-report measures to digital data collection. 

      Each patient fills in brief self-report measures on every clinic visit. 

      We like to be able to


      1. a) track individual patient data. For example, therapists should be able to briefly produce a chart before the session on symptoms progressively (e.g symptoms of depression over weeks in therapy)


      1. b) large/inclusive database: we like to collate patient information for all patients who attended our clinic. For example, produce a chart with pre/post outcome for all adult patients

       is it possible to incorporate our existing a unique ID to the survey or to assign a new unique ID?




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