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I am building a survey to send to organizations where no single person within the organization may be able to complete the survey without gathering information from other people within the organization.  Sending out the survey through email campaigns, is it possible to have a unique link that can be shared through emails so a partially completed questionnaire can be forwarded to a colleague in the same organization. I also wish to have the ability to track the progress of the respondents. Thank you!


Nasir Gharaibe asked

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    The answer to the first question is yes.  After you have uploaded email addresses to the contact list, open the DELIVERY STATISTICS tab and click on the EXPORT CONTACTS WITH SEND STATUS link.  This will download a csv file listing the email addresses, and in the INVITE LINK column you will find the unique survey link that has been generated for each email address.  These links are long and clumsy, but they can be shared if that is what you want to do.

    The second request is not easily accomplished.  The reports and dashboard charts are all set up to to aggregate survey responses – they don’t look at individual responses.  I think that your best/only option may be to export a response file, open it in MS Excel, and manually review it to check the progress of specific respondents.  

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