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Hi! We currently send an annual survey to our client base. Since we have a variety of staff members servicing any given customer, we structure our surveys to be very specific to each client. For example: “Please rate your Senior Account Representative , Bob Smith, on his knowledge of your businesses needs.” In this case “Bob Smith” is dynamically populated from a spreadsheet. Each customer could have a different Senior Account Rep. And we have other positions with questions about other specific staff members (customer service, billing, etc).Can your system dynamically populate data like that? Or, in the absence of data, not ask a question? Is this a job for some kind of custom merge code?

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    Yes, you should be able to set up your logic using merge codes.  

    Open your survey >> New question

    When you click in the text field to enter your survey question you will see various options appear.

    One of the options right below the text box will be “Merge codes”.  Click “Merge codes”.  

    A list of options will open.  Scroll down to see each option and click on the one that will work with your contact list or with previous answers to your survey.

    Depending on what data you are piping in, the merge code will look something like [invite(“custom 1”)]. 

    You can also use merge codes to create skips or other logic.

    Good luck.  Test it a lot of times.

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