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I have done an survey regarding a Course and with the question type ” score rate”.

In the survey, the scale is 1-5 where rating a 1 means you did not gain much from the Course, whereas rating with a 5 means that the course gave you a lot.

Now when the survey is finished I have downloaded the result. In the result I can see the chart pie with 3 diffrent coluars and the answers in % but I am not sure what the % means. For example, how do I now how many people that answered 1 and did not gain a lot from the course and how do I know hoq many that answered 5 and did gain a lot from the course.

In the chart pie there is three different collars: green, pink and orange. Is the green part in the chartpie the ones that thougt the course was good and gained a lot ( the ones that probably choosed rating scale 5 in the survey ). ? and is the pink charpie the ones that thought the course was less good, that did not gain a lot from it ( the ones that probably choosed rating scale 1 ).

Before I have created surveys with the question type ” promoters/detractors” then it´s much easier to understand what is positive and negative in the survey…In this result report, the chartpie result showed that the promoters were green and passive orange and pink detractors.


I hope you understand my question!


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Jim W (Moderator) answered

    1] I don’t think that pie charts are the best choice for analyzing rating questions.  They are good for looking at the proportions of a total population (male/female, smoker/non-smoker), but the vertical bar chart is a better choice for ranking type questions.  This chart will also give you both totals and percentages.

    2] You could also enable the SUMMARY TABLE option.  This will give you both total numbers and percentages in a horizontal bar chart format.

    3] You can change the color scheme of the charts to make the differences more apparent.  Our favorite is an option towards the bottom of the bottom of the Color Chart option list that features primary colors (red, blue, green).

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