Undelete Contacts From Your Email Campaign


I have a problem to add contacts that have deleted.
I explain:
I have a list of e-mails, let’s say it’s called List_01.
In List_01 have 15 contacts.
To my campaign, I need only 10 contacts List_01.
I went on “Add contacts” and selected the List_01.
15 contacts have been added to my campaign.
I deleted the 5 contacts that I did not want (at first).
Now, I want to add the 5 contacts he had deleted.
I go to the “Add contacts” and select again the List_01.
But the contacts are not added.

How do I solve this?

I do not want to enter manually
I would not want to create new campaign

paulo asked

    Hi Chris,

    I believe that you have understood that the email lists that I quoted above lists would be out of SurveyGizmo platform. But it is not.
    The text of the above lists are email lists created in the “Account”, “Email lists”.

    To repeat:
    I select a list of e-mails (01 list, already registered) for the campaign.
    At this time, in item 2 (Contacts) in the campaign are listed the names and e-mails in the selected list.
    I delete (Select Bulk Action – Delet Selected) John and Mary’s e-mail list that appears in the campaign panel (2 – Contacts) because I do not want to send them now.
    The next day, I forward the campaign for John and Mary. I know they are on the list 01.
    I go to the campaign panel, item 2 (Contacts), select the list again and ask to add. But John and Mary NOT APPEAR.

    That’s the problem.

    This is what you had understood?

    paulo answered

      Hi Paulo,

      Thanks for posting.

      I did some testing on this one and it looks like if you’re adding the contacts manually or from a spreadsheet, you just need to make sure that you have checked the box to allow for duplicate contacts (in this case, one would be active and one inactive). Unfortunately, this option does not appear to be an option when adding contacts from a list so I’m afraid that you may need to add them manually.

      This is interesting to me so I’m going to mention this to our team. It’s possible that this may be something we could build into the app in the future.

      I hope this helps.


      Chris - SurveyGizmo answered


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