How do I undelete contacts in a contact list?


In a client list upload snafu, I deletes a group of contacts/email. When trying to upload the updated list again, the contacts previously deleted were not imported (getting a “Dupe” error) and stayed marked as deleted.

How can I get those emails back on the list?


b2bmarketingprojetos answered

    I had the same issue on one of our surveys.  I think you just need to check the option to Allow Dupes when you are first uploading the spreadsheet, see below. 



    That worked for us.  Hope it helps!


    Sheila Bloom answered

      I was afraid I’d get duplicates of the emails that were imported (but not deleted). MY work around was to upload a list as a “global list” and go from there…

      Still, it is a little frustrating that: 1. there is not a simple/quick way to fix it, 2. not being able to get quick support…

      b2bmarketingprojetos answered


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