Unable to select more than 1 text bucket response in open text analysis report


I have somehow deleted a previous set of text buckets that I had incorporated into analysing verbatim comment responses in bulk. I used to go to ‘reports’ then ‘open text analysis’ and click on the question selected, then filter the dates of the responses that I hadn’t actioned, and I could select more than one text bucket response heading (e.g the feedback related to ‘resolution’ and ‘managing customer expectation’.  Somehow in filtering dates yesterday, I’ve deleted these so I re-added the text buckets. However now, when I go to ‘code’ the responses, it only lets me choose 1 x text bucket response and I cant find how to edit this back to allow multiple response selections.

Community Admin answered

    Hi there!

    When you create a new analysis you have the option to make it single select or multiple select. It sounds like you may have chosen single select. Unfortunately this cannot be changed. You can delete this analysis and start a new one that is multiple select.

    Sorry for the confusion! I hope this helps!

    Documentation Coordinator
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    Community Admin commented
      • Thank you Bri, yes that worked. When I created a new analysis, it defaulted to the multiple select option, so not sure how I managed to get a single one last time, but it’s all good! 🙂 Cheers, Cara

      • Awesome! Glad I was able to help!

        Documentation Coordinator
        SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team



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