Typos in URL variable


URL variables have been working great for collecting data, but I have a few responses where instead of “no” it’s “n”, so I assume the respondent accidentally deleted the last letter of the URL. How can I after the fact group together the ‘n’ response with the ‘no’, since it’s acting like its own category?

eliz404860 asked

    I do not believe you can change the url data after the response has been submitted.  You could set up a hidden field so it would be a question and not just the url data and using the edit survey functionality correct for these typos, but that would require some initial set up such as downloading the results, correcting the typos, setting up the hidden value and then uploading them.  Going forward it would be easy to modify the typos.


    I hope this helps, or let me know if you have any other questions.

    Jon E (Moderator) answered


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