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I have CHAD ESSMAN showing twice; different times, different results?  How do I troubleshoot that?

Cindy Harden asked

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    Hey Cindy!

    Your question is a bit slim on details, so I can only speculate on what may have happened in your survey. There is one scenario I have seen occur multiple times however, so I thought I’d throw this out there and see if it might help!

    What happens when a unique link is forwarded

    When distributing your survey through the SurveyGizmo Email Campaign feature, unique links are created for each contact. These unique links contain multiple identifiers that allow various features of SurveyGizmo to work — including identifying responses.

    If a unique link is shared by the respondent, you may end up with multiple responses that appear to have been submitted by the same individual. This can be confirmed by looking for the contact ID recorded for each response – if you see a contact ID show up multiple times, that contact shared their unique link (or took the survey multiple times themselves).

    In most of these cases, the earliest response recorded for that contact ID is usually the actual contact themselves (e.g., they took the survey, and then shared their link). Identifying other responses will generally require reaching out to the respondent who shared their link, and inquiring who they shared it with.

    I hope this is helpful! If that does not describe or explain the situation you face, please feel free to update your question with more details and I’d be happy to answer again.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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