Two questions: 1) On mobile/tablet, how do I disable swiping on screen from advancing to next/previous question? 2) Why is the progress bar always wrong?



Question 1) As it stands, swiping on mobile/tablet brings the user to a new question (forward or backward). This is especially problematic for slider questions where swiping is also part of the survey. i.e. the user swipes for the sliders but is then redirected to the next/previous question errantly.

Question 2) 

About 90% of the time the progress bar is wrong. It is a nice feature and I know it can be turned off, but I want it and want it to be right as to not confuse the user.

michaeloldaker asked

    I’m not sure about how you would go about disabling the swiping as that seems like general browser functionality on mobile devices (though I certainly am no expert). There may be some CSS modifications that can be made to disable the functionality…

    As far as the progress bar, I have not personally run into this but admittedly have not tried to calculate whether the progress is correct according to the number of questions or pages that my survey may have – what are you seeing?

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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