[Solved] Turning Word Cloud Off?


Is it possible to turn the word cloud feature off on open text questions in the new report format and just show the responses? 


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    Justin, good news, in the last week they’ve been adding a lot of good fixes and now you can hide the word cloud.  If you click the pencil next to that question, then check the box “Override Global Report Styles” and then under Question Options uncheck the option to show the Chart.  Basically the Chart = the Word Cloud for text questions.  This lets you print a list of just the comments, but there is no other information, like the response ID or who said it.   You do have to do this question by question, I have not found a global setting to tell it to do this on every question unless you hide the charts for all questions.


    Hope this helps!

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      Thanks for the fix! 

      Worked great. 


      Enjoy the day, 





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