Is there a way to turn off one-at-a-time mode for a single page of a survey?


We have a survey that works well for mobile users using one-at-a-time mode, but we have one page that we want to NOT use this — we have four text box entry fields on that page which all relate to one another, and it’s much better if the respondent sees all four at once. 

Looking for a CSS blurb that can do this — so that the rest of the survey shows one page at a time and advances as soon as you click your answer, but this one page displays all 4 text boxes on one screen.

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    In your case, the Textbox List question type may do what you need.

    You may or may not want to do some CSS tricks to tweak the display, but I think it it puts all of the text boxes on the same mobile page.

    Ken S Alper commented
      • That’s not far off — any idea if there’s a way to put a left label and right label (like a $ in front of the box and a .00 after it, like you can with number-formatted regular text boxes?

      IS 2.21K Rep.

      Could you just put all of the other questions each on their own page and then turn off one-at-a-time mode?

      Doing it this way would make the experience similar for desktop users, so maybe that isn’t what you want?

      Ken S Alper commented
        • That’s my fallback, and what I’ve done for now. We really prefer the auto-advance, without having to separately click the “next” button after each response, though.



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