How to turn off case sensitive ‘filter’ for open text response analysis


I’m trying to do key word analysis of open text responses in one of my surveys but have realised that the filter function is case sensitive meaning i have to search for key words with both capital first letter and lower case to ensure i capture all the utterances of that key word.

Is there anyway to turn of case sensitive filter? otherwise the filter function for open text responses is too laborious to use and is more open to error.

avilela answered

    Hi Dominic. 

    In ‘results’ for our punishment survey 

    we are using the left hand filter option to select questions “What do you consider punishment to be?” and then “contains” and then [key word]


    it is the keyword i type in is case sensitive so rather than picking up ‘fear’ in all responses it only picks up ‘fear’ in this exact form (not with capital or where the word comes with other text e.g fear-free or fearfree or FEAR

    Dominic Sharpe commented
      • I took a look at the contains filter in one of my reports and it appears to work as you described – it is case sensitive. One other option that might work a little better than ‘contains’ is the ‘matches Regex pattern’ option.

        This option is still case sensitive but you can add all the possible instances a bit quicker. For example, you could say ‘matches Regex patter and enter fear|Fear|FEAR| etc. – all into one field. Each variation is separated by the ‘|’ (pipe) symbol.

        Also, I noticed that you posted a link to your direct report. This is not something that users in this forum can access. If you were looking to reach out to SG Support, there are a number of options here:

        Hope this helps!


      Can you clarify which filter you are referring to? Are you filtering within a report or export? or perhaps somewhere else altogether?

      If you are filtering in reports/exports are you using the ‘is exactly equal to’ operator? If so, perhaps you might have better luck with the ‘contains’ operator.

      Any more information that you can share, will help other users in this forum chime in.

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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