How do I turn off borders around response options for radio button grid / checkbox grid questions when mobile optimized?


My question is very similar to the question first asked here:


However, I would like to know how to turn off the borders for response options when radio button grid and checkbox grid questions are reformatted to be mobile optimized. I’m looking to hide the black outline around the response options (just like in the link above), but I don’t know how to correctly reference radio button grid or checkbox grid questions as they appear when mobile optimized. What is the CSS that is needed to style the survey in this way? Doing this will help the mobile version and the PC versions of the survey look more alike (and the mobile version will look less crowded). Thanks for your help. 

Amanda Scott commented
    • I was able to answer my own question by adding the following CSS. If there is another or better way to do this, I’d still love to hear it.

      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-mobile-ocs .sg-list label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question-options label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question-options label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question-options td label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question-options th label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-type-table-card-sort .sg-question-options label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-type-table-card-sort-closed .sg-question-options label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-type-table-checkbox .sg-question-options label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-type-table-matrix .sg-question-options .sg-mobilize-label label,
      .sg-survey .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-type-table-radio .sg-question-options label {
      border: none;



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