[Solved] How do I turn off the borders to question answers in the mobile view?


When a user takes a survey on a mobile device, the answer options for checkbox or radio button questions and the like all have black boxes around them. Is there a way to disable the box? This is not the border between questions, but around the answer options themselves. 

I was given some CSS code to try, but it does not appear to affect this setting. 

.sg-survey body .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question.sg-type-radio .sg-question-options label,
.sg-survey body .sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question.sg-type-checkbox .sg-question-options label{
border: none;

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    So close both of you! The below should work. No space between body and .sg-mobile-optimized.

    .sg-survey body.sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question.sg-type-radio .sg-question-options label,
    .sg-survey body.sg-mobile-optimized .sg-question.sg-type-checkbox .sg-question-options label{
    border: none;

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      Two simple tweaks:

      First, leave a space between the word ‘label’ and the first bracket (sg-question-options label {).

      Second, add the text  “!important;” after the CSS attribute ({border: none !important;).

      If these don’t do anything, we will have to resort to something more drastic.

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