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I am having trouble selecting the correct logical function for my survey questions.  In general I am getting by just fine using the “is one of the following” logic functions, but there are cases where I would like to select the opposite; “not one of the following.”  That option, however, is grayed-out and I am unable to select it.  It there something I am missing here?  I refreshed the page, tried the logic on multiple questions and nothing seems to allow me to use it.  

The screenshot I captured shows you the three options that I seem to always be able to use: “is one of the following answers,” “is exactly equal to” and “is answered.”  How can I enable the rest of them?

Thank you.

Jimmy Pope15830 asked

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    Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

    the ‘is not one of the following’ option will only be available on a page that follows the question that you are triggering the logic on.

    If the question you want to show is on the same page as the source question, you will not see the ‘not one of the following options’. Essentially when a page loads, the ‘not one of the following’ rules would be evaluated as true right away…

    Hope that helps clarify

    Lola Gill answered


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