[Solved] Trouble with Personality Quiz


I’m having trouble with SCORING a Personality Quiz (Tally Quiz). I have seven questions. Each question has FOUR possible answers:

Answer-1 = Personality-A (numeric value 1)

Answer-2 = Personality-B (numeric value 2)

Answer-3 = Personality-C (numeric value 3)

Answer-4 = Personality-D (numeric value 4)

If the test-taker choose Answer-1 on FOUR or MORE questions, then they are “Personality A”. 

If the test-taker choose Answer-2 on FOUR or MORE questions, then they are “Personality B”.

If the test-taker choose Answer-3 on FOUR or MORE questions, then they are “Personality C”.

If the test-taker choose Answer-4 on FOUR or MORE questions, then they are “Personality D”.

I can’t get this to work by assigning numeric values to the Responses, because the Math doesn’t work.

For example (using averages), someone that chooses four “Answer-2” and three “Answer 4” is the same exact result as someone choosing six “Answer-3” and one “Answer-2”. (2.857142). So there it would be impossible for Survey Gizmo to know if should display “You’re Personality-B” or “You’re Personality-C”. But *I* know that if the answer is 2.857142 because are a majority of “Answer-3” the end result should display “You’re Personality-C”. 

The SurveyGizmo help pages indicate we can create personality quizzes, so what exactly am I missing to get the correct behavior? Thank you very much for your assistance!


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    There’s another thread with a similar question.

    A member provided an excellent alternative.

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