We are having trouble changing the title of a page


Trying to use a template to create a feedback survey. When I try to rename the first (and only) page and save it. Nothing happens. It just sits there. When I make other edits to questions a pop-up displays at the top of the screen so you can see SurveyGizmo is working on it. I had this issue previously and was told to place a period at the end of the page title. I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work either. HELP!

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    I haven’t seen the problem you describe. It might help people trying to solve your problem if you could provide a bit more information.

    What template are you using?

    Does the title you are trying to change to include anything unusual like html tags or special characters? Can you change the page title to something like: Test ?

    Have you tried using a different browser? For example, if you are having the problem in Chrome, try using Microsoft Edge. If that helps, it may also work with the original browser if you close all browser windows and restart the computer.


    IS answered


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