trigger a custom script action with a button


Is there any way to allow a respondant trigger a custom script action using a button(jquery???) once the page has loaded.

Fiachra311302 answered

    Thanks for your input. I suppose I’m really looking for an example of how ajax might allow a question to be updated.

    Fiachra311302 answered
      Lola Gill 6.99K Rep.

      I’m not sure that this would be possible since Custom Scripting is server side (requires page submission) whereas JQuery is client side and can be run on the survey page.

      In this case, a page would need to be submitted in order for the Custom Script to be executed (so I’m not entirely sure how this would work).

      Perhaps if you can clarify what you are wanting to accomplish with the script? Myabe you have already worked out a solution to your question?

      Lola Gill answered


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