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I built a Skip / Disqualify Logic into my Survey. Disqualified respondents receive a message which I built in the Primary Setup of this Action.

But what about the translation of this message? I did not find any possibility to build in the Translation similar to the Translation of “normal” questions (thus I put it on the same Screen as the master language is).

Is there any Special Translation field for this action?

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Jirka van der Roest90 answered

    It can be manually translated, but when using the export & import functionality, this message doesn’t seem to come with… caught this one too late..

    Jirka van der Roest90 answered

      I’m not sure regarding the translation option not being available when you built it – I have not myself run into something like that (the feature itself is not new, so I can’t really say).

      About your HTML issue, you mentioned that you put in the tags yourself – did you put the tags into the ‘source’ (you would access the source via a <> icon). If using tags, they should be input into the source.

      I can only offer advice and suggestions here (without having access to your survey).

      Hopefully this is helpful!

      Gisa Steffens309385 commented
        • Unfortunately for the Disqualify Message in this Action an option to open the source is not available. The source is only available for the Action Title but not for the text field of the Disqualify Message.
          Strangely SG recognizes the HTML tags correctly in the Default Text which is shown below the text field of the Disqualify Message but in the test resp. live version of the Action the HTML tags are interpreted as text (even if I put one or two backslashes in front of it).
          Finally I will do without the formatting for this screen.

          Thanks for your responses and help.


        Thanks for this.

        Yes, it worked. But I´m pretty sure that the text box has not been displayed when I built in the translation last week. Is that possible?

        When I put in the disqualify message today another problem occured with the translated text: The HTML tags did not work. The tags itselves are correct as they work in the master version.

        I did not copy in the tags but wrote them manually.

        Any idea why this could happen?



        Gisa Steffens309385 answered

          The Disqualify message can be translated via the Text & Translations tool. You should see something like this:

          Hope this helps!

          Dominic Sharpe answered


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