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I am working on a multilingual questionnaire. In the theme I am using the survey title is displayed: it now is on Dutch.

ANyone knows how I could adapt this and use a language specific survey title and also use the English title in my theme?


Thanks for any tips!

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    They will be hardcoded behind the language specific buttons in our website, so I guess your tip about using custom html would be needed. It anyway implies that we cant use te option ‘Display survey title’ anymore to show the project name, because that cannot be adapted? Or am I wrong?

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      • Hi Marius,
        You can leave the DISPLAY SURVEY TITLE on. By hand-coding the title you are just replacing the project name with your own text. If you turn the DISPLAY SURVEY TITLE off, the entire title block (the div class=”sg-header”) at the top of your survey will disappear.


      How are you going to distribute your survey link?  If you can use tracking links for the different language versions (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/share-options-for-translated-surveys#option-3-set-up-your-multiple-share-links-one-for-each-language-), you could also create specific themes for each tracking link (http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/link-customization-branding#themes).  

      You would then have to go into the CUSTOM HTML section of each of the themes and replace the “[template(“survey title”)]” with the actual text that you want to use as the title, including the necessary HTML code – <h1 class=”sg-title”><span>your text here</span></h1>.

      Good luck.

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