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If I send the survey to a set group of people, is there an easy way to see who has taken it, and who has not?


Some of the invited people may be taking the survey in kiosk mode in the lobby if that makes a difference.  Also, is there a way to prevent someone from taking the survey over and over in kiosk mode?

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    Hi there,

    SurveyGizmo has several tools that can help you identify respondents:


    The fact that some people are taking the survey in kiosk mode does complicate things… in this case, you would need to ask for some identifying information to track who they are.

    Additionally, there would not really be a great way of preventing someone from taking the survey multiple times in kiosk. You would not be able to set duplicate protection on the kiosk survey via cookie or IP address.

    One thing you could try is utilizing something like the Login/Password action to restrict access to the survey via a one time use password.

    Hope this helps a little.

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