I’m new to SG and and a capability in this system has been brought forth as a concern.  I would like to know how this action is trackable – so that I can demonstrate it is not being utilized – therefore assuaging the concerns.  

Concern:  An administrator can go into a survey and change a respondent’s answers.  (I know, I did it, it’s pretty easy)

What I would like to be able to show to my group, is that while “yes” that is something that COULD happen – it is something that is also documented within the system and by generating this report (or whatever), we have the capability of showing that it was not done.  

Hopefully that makes sense, but I tried to find that detail and could not.  Could you help please

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    Thanks for posting to the Community Forum.  Your question seems to be directed at SurveyGizmo Support, so I have flagged your posting for their attention.

    As a fellow SurveyGizmo user, I can tell you that I never seen any admin tracking function on any of the survey applications that I have ever used.  I have to sign non-disclosure agreements and take data security certification tests every year, and I am expected to protect the integrity of the data and the reputation of my department. 

    If I had a reason to create a tracking system, I would export the database contents as Excel spreadsheets at specified intervals.  These would give me snapshots of the responses at certain points in time.  I am not sure how I would go about finding a response that has been changed, but I would have the response data available for review.



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      Hi Barbara,

      There are a couple options available to assuage your colleagues concerns:

      1) User access logs display a log for each time a response is edited. You can learn more about these logs in this tutorial:

      2) You can also create a custom role that restricts users’ ability to edit responses. You can learn more about setting up custom roles in this tutorial:

      I hope this helps!

      Bri Hillmer
      Documentation Coordinator
      SurveyGizmo Customer Experience Team

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