Totalling and averaging questions in reports


To Support,

If we have say 100 questions and we want to total and create an averaged score for a selected group of those questions, what is the best way to do that?


  1. the questions are numeric question types.
  2. we use segments and combine numerous identical surveys for comparison and aggregation





Jim W (Moderator) answered

    Did you want to address this question your feloow SurveyGizmo users, or to SurveyGizmo Support?

    If you want to ask SurveyGizmo Support, you can contact them at

    As a SurveyGizmo user, I would tell you to start by reading the SurveyGizmo documentation to start learning the basic information you will need to accomplish this task:

    O would advise you to build a small scale test survey and use that to build the necessary scripts.  When you have them ready you can copy/paste them from your test survey to the actual survey/


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