Can you total up drop down menu list selections to total 100?


I have three condition categories (e.g. pothole depths of <80mm, 80-150mm and >150mm) and, people need to describe the condition of a section of road by selecting values from a dropdown list for each condition category. That all works nicely, however, I would love to be able to ensure that the three percentages add up to 100%, not more, not less. Is there a way to achieve this?

Dominic Sharpe answered

    There is not a built in option to force a 100% value (to do so with this specific question type you would need to use Custom Scripting):

    However, if you are open to using a different question type, the Continuous Sum question will allow you to accomplish this (albeit in a different format):

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe commented
      • Thanks Dom. I tried the continuous sum option but as we are running the survey in offline mode on tablets the utility (fast and easy) of the drop down list means people don’t have to mess around with the pop-up key board. Ill have to check out the scripting. I wonder if that will run in offline mode?
        Cheers, Mark

      • A quick look at tells me custom scripting isn’t compatible with running in offline mode. :o(

      • ­čÖü running this in Offline Mode will unfortunately put limitations on your options – I think the Continuous Sum may be the best option with that in mind.



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